File Processor

A simple console applicaiton that assists with batch file manipulation including batch photo/video renaming to to date taken, batch image resizing or cropping, delete old files (good for deleting old backups), and an Amazon Web Services S3 Upload option that is in its development infancy.
Download File Processor
No Installation is requried. Just place all of the files in the same folder and run the exe (or open the readme.txt file) If you do not have the required version of .net installed, you will be prompted to install it.

Change Log
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Initial File Renamer 12/2011
Add Delete and Resize Support 3/2012 
Add Zip and S3 Support 4/2012

Base Settings
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  -path [the full path of the folder to process]
  -subfolders (process all subfolders) *
  -pause (program will wait for key input before exiting) *

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commands are executed in the order they are received
      Show this help screen.
      Delete all files in folder
      -days [number of days old the file must be to be deleted] *
      Resize image files. 
      -method [method name to use to resize the image] *
          stretch = image stretched to specified width/height. 
          max = max width/height allowed. if image is larger it will 
                be resized to fit inside the constraints, if it is smaller, 
                the smaller image will be returned 
          fit = make image fit within the specified width/height. do not crop. 
                width/height specified are maximum allowed. either width or 
                height could be smaller than specified request. 
          crop = (width & height required) resulting image will be the  
                specified width/height. image will be cropped if required.  
                cropping of either the right side or the bottom will  
                occur if needed. 
          crop-center = (width & height required) resulting image will be the 
                specified width/height. image will be cropped if required.  
                cropping of both left and right side equally OR top and  
                bottom equally will occur if needed. 
      -width [width to resize image] *
      -height [height to resize image] *
      -out_path [full folder path to save resized files in.] *
      -out_folder [folder name to save resized files in. folder will be 
                relative to the origional file] *
      -out_overwrite (enables overwriting the output file) 
  -zip or -BZip2
      zip/BZip2 all files in folder.
      -delete_on_success (if this tag exists, the origional file will be  
                deleted after it has been zipped.) 
	  Each jpg file in the folder specified 
	  will get renamed to the date the photo was taken. 
	  AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MPG, F4V, FLV files will get renamed to
	  the Date Created or Date Modified, which ever is older.
      -silent = Details of task will not be written to the console *
      Copy files to Amazon Web Services S3 (Simple Storage Service)
      AWSAccessKey and AWSSecretKey may be specified in the .config file or
      passed as a parameter. If a file already exists on S3, it will only be 
      updated if the File has been modified (Calculation made using Date Time 
      Updated and MD5 hash)
      -AWSAccessKey [AWS Access Key] *
      -AWSSecretKey [AWS Secret Key] *
      -bucket [name of the bucket to put files to]
      -out_folder [name of the folder in the bucket to put files to] *
         NOTE: out_folder does not support sub folders. (everythign will 
         be put in the same folder in the bucket regardless of the source 
         folder structure)

* optional argument